At the Intersection of Media & Finance



Media Centric

Our founders are experts in media on both the sales & editorial side with decades of experience

Financial Expertise

Our team has been involved in financial markets for over 40 years

Growth Oriented

We help our clients achieve new revenue streams with turnkey media programs

Sales Results

We deliver stellar sales results thru our media and marketing positioning and platform development


Fintegraton is a new kind of media and marketing consulting firm for the financial industry.  Founded by industry veteran Cindy Taylor, the company provides specialized expertise to financial media firms and organizations.  Fintegration also founded FintekNews in 2016, and sold the media firm to Charter Financial Publishing Network, in 2018, owners of Financial Advisor, Private Wealth and ETF Advisor and more.  FintekNews was America's first daily newsletter and website devoted to covering the fintech industry at large, and the vertical markets that comprise the vast financial technology sector. 

Our Services


Fintegration's professionals SPEAK FINANCE fluently - a very rare skill in the media industry.  Our principals have been involved in the financial markets for over forty years, traded on several different platforms, set up broker/dealers, hedge funds, CTAs and FCMs, ran an SEC-registered wealth management firm and managed floor trading operation for a major NYSE-registered clearing firm.  We understand the challenging current regulatory environment, we know what terms like "market volatility" and "capitulation" mean, and we thoroughly understand international market conditions and the regional subtleties.  When you work with our firm, you work with entrepreneurial experts in BOTH media and finance who've had skin in the game.   

As a bespoke firm, we limit our engagement to no more than 5 clients in non-competitive media and financial sectors at any given time.  Our clients benefit by having access to veteran media & finance professionals, with extensive industry contacts and experience.

Expertise Includes:

  • Competitive Sales Positioning & Consulting
  • Executive Level Sales & Management
  • Bellweather/Target Account List Development
  • Special Section Development
  • Onsite & Remote Media Training
  • Social Media Pricing and Execution
  • Sponsorship & New Product Development
  • RFP Execution   
  • CRM Implementation & Sales Process Tracking
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Investor Relations, Marketing & Public Relations
  • Website, Blog & Newsletter Development​


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