Meet the Team


Cindy Taylor, Media Guru

Cindy Taylor,  President of Fintegration & Founding Publisher of FintekNews, is a 25 year digital & print media executive with extensive sales and marketing experience in diverse luxury, consumer and B2B markets.  Her background includes new media product development, sales management of domestic and international sales teams, brand-building, event management, new media and public relations.  She has also consulted with several hedge funds, RIAs and wealthtechs, and is considered one of the country's foremost authorities on  fintech, and financial media & marketing.


Bill Taylor, Financial Guru

Bill Taylor, Co-founder of Fintegration, brings his financial expertise and an extensive background in the financial markets and alternative investment funds to the table for Fintegration's clients.  

Mr. Taylor is also the founder of  cryptocurrency investment firm Fintek Capital (, and a well respected financial blogger who's work has been published on dozens of prominent international finance sites.